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Overseas Company Bank Account Opening
Our partnered banks include banks in South Korea, HSBC Hong Kong, Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong, Bank of China Hong Kong, Wing Hang Bank Hong Kong, Chong Hing Bank Hong Kong, DBS Bank Hong Kong, Ping An Bank Beijing, and Bank of East Asia Beijing.
Overseas Company Notarization Certification
We provide notarization certification services for offshore companies in South Korea, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, BVI, Seychelles, Cayman Islands, etc., for use in any country, and offer accountant certification services for company documents.
Registering a Company in South Korea
South Korea presents a dynamic market environment with advanced technology and innovation, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to penetrate the Asian market.
Registering a Company in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is an international metropolis with highly developed information, offering an unparalleled business environment as one of the world's freest trade ports for entrepreneurs and businessmen.
Registering a Company in the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom (UK), located in western Europe, is one of the best regions for trade and business operations. Its capital, London, is one of the world's largest international foreign exchange and international insurance centers.
Registering a Company in BVI
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are located in the Caribbean Sea, about eighty kilometers east of Puerto Rico. The BVI is a British territory that gained autonomy in 1967.
Registering a Company in Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory in the western Caribbean Sea, consist of three islands. It is one of the world's largest offshore centers. The tax-free offshore business environment contributes to the Cayman's economic prosperity.
Registering a Company in Marshall Islands
The Republic of the Marshall Islands is an independent nation in the central Pacific Ocean, positioned between Guam and Hawaii, with 750,000 square miles of tropical Pacific Ocean waters. The Marshall Islands consist of two parallel rows of islands.
Registering a Company in Seychelles
Seychelles is an archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean, an independent republic within the Commonwealth, consisting of about 115 islands. The local political situation is stable.
Registering a Company in Singapore
Singapore, a country in Southeast Asia, also known as the Lion City, is a powerful economy and the world's fourth largest financial center, after New York, London, and Hong Kong.
Registering a Company in U.S.
California, located in the western United States, is the most economically developed and populous state in the U.S. It borders Mexico to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west, known as the Golden State. It has a well-developed manufacturing industry, covering a wide range of products.
Registering a Company in Macau
Macau is a free port and the world's largest gambling city. Its famous light industry, cuisine, tourism, hotels, and casinos have kept Macau prosperous, making it one of the most developed and wealthiest regions in Asia.

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